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Silence to hear the call of God

Through the course of one holy hour, while Gabriel Salibi lived in Hawaii and worked as a landscaper, the Lord changed his life forever.In that time of prayer, Salibi, now a diocesan seminarian, disce ...


Silence to hear the call of God

Through the course of one holy hour, while Gabriel Salibi lived in Hawaii and worked as a landscaper, the Lord changed his life forever.In that time of prayer, Salibi, now a diocesan seminarian, disce ...

Five Washington County parishes to merge

Following more than a year of grassroots planning, Bishop David Zubik has approved a proposal for five parishes in southeastern Washington County to merge and form a new one: St. Katharine Drexel.The ...

Panel: Genocide, wars endanger Mideast Christians

NEW YORK — Christians in the Middle East face extinction because of genocide, wars and international indifference to their plight, according to panelists at a Dec. 5 interfaith forum in New York ...

Bishop David Zubik

'To give thanks'

On Monday, Sept. 18, 1967, I began my college student career as a freshman enrolled in Duquesne University. For anyone who has gone through the college experience, the first day of class is, to say th ...

'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner'

The spring of 1968 was a time of unprecedented disquiet in our country. The beginning of April that year saw the tragic assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., pacifist and civil rights leader. I ...

'I'm David Zubik and I approve this message'

At the end of the televised political ad for president — usually after ripping apart the opponent — the candidates let us know that they reviewed the content and signed off on it.“I& ...

I'm telling you how to vote

The headline’s right. I’m going to tell you how to vote. Right here. Right now.Just a few comments first.Since 1956, I have been a “junkie” of presidential elections. That summ ...

A love without limits

Here’s the news, though it really isn’t news to anyone paying attention. Together we are a mission church right here in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. We mission to each other. We mission to o ...

Beyond 'The Boss'

The day that I was working on this “Bridging the Gap” article, I had a conversation with Father Nick Vaskov, our new diocesan executive director of communications. He shared with me that t ...


Pope offers new beatitudes for saints of a new age

MALMO, Sweden — The saints are blessed because they were faithful and meek and cared for others, Pope Francis said.At the end of an ecumenical trip to Sweden, Pope Francis celebrated the feast o ...

Father Bober

Church awaits those seeking Christ

QUESTION: When someone says that they want “to come back to the Catholic Church,” how does that happen?ANSWER: How a person returns to the practice of the Catholic faith usually depends on ...

David is recalled for his gifts, faults

QUESTION: The Scriptures for Advent often talk about King David. From what I know he was not a good example of observing God’s law. Why then is he so important in the Old and New Testament? Most ...

One must always be prepared for judgment

QUESTION: Every year I look forward to the beginning of Advent to get me into the Christmas spirit, but the Scripture readings for the first few weeks of Advent are more frightening than helpful. What ...

All that we have comes from God

QUESTION: I have always thought of Thanksgiving as just another holiday. But I have friends who remind everyone that it was (and is) a very “holy” day begun by grateful pilgrims. Do we as ...

The grieving process takes time

QUESTION: My husband died recently and was buried with a Catholic funeral. The support of family and friends at that time was very helpful, but now I just want to be alone. I have many feelings, and s ...

Tithing is giving back to God for his gifts

QUESTION: I hear people talk about supporting their parish by tithing? Can you provide some background and details about this concept?ANSWER: Tithing is a practice rooted in the Old Testament. The tit ...

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